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Recent work

My work in recent years has centred on my long-running project for Chatham House and the Sussex Energy Group, that I call 'Managing Energy: Rethinking The Fundamentals'. A series of Working Papers, WP1, 'Managing Energy Wrong', WP2, 'Managing Energy Data', and WP3, 'Managing Energy Technology' intended to be read in sequence, challenge the conventional view of energy in society, and propose a more promising vision. What was to have been WP4, 'Managing Energy Business', became a further working paper entitled 'Beyond The Fire Age', published November 2013.

My column in Modern Power Systems, January 2014, was followed by university seminars including one at University College London. The Energy Institute, celebrating its centenary, in its glossy monthly Energy World, February 2014, invited me to 'Look Back To Look Forward'. In May, at the Deloitte annual Energy Conference in Washington DC, developing the analysis further, I asked 'What Should Governments Do About Energy?'. On 24 June, at the Energy Institute conference in London on 'Energy Systems', I called for us to move 'Beyond The Fire Economy', as you can see here.

You can find the latest distillation of this thinking in my new book, Electricity Vs Fire: The Fight For Our Future, now published and available to order online. For details follow the link.

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