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Recent work

My work in recent years has centred on my long-running project for Chatham House and the Sussex Energy Group, that I call 'Managing Energy: Rethinking The Fundamentals'. You can find the latest distillation of this thinking in my new book, Electricity Vs Fire: The Fight For Our Future, now available as a free download here. If you prefer, you can still order the paperback of Electricity Vs Fire, just £5.00 from Amazon UK or $7.50 from Amazon US, plus shipping, and similar prices from Amazon worldwide.

In November, at the Seoul International Energy Conference in South Korea, as chair of Mayor Park's Seoul International Energy Advisory Council, I gave a keynote address entitled 'Rethinking Energy: Implementing The Global Future Locally Today'. I also gave a lecture at Korea University on 'Electricity Vs Fire'. The February-March 2016 issue of the Chatham House monthly The World Today published my article on 'The Burning Issue'.

If you enjoy Electricity Vs Fire do please spread the word about it, perhaps review it on Amazon, and let your friends know about it - particularly friends who find 'energy' and 'climate' boring. ('Energy' appears only halfway through the book, briefly, 'climate' not at all.) Indeed I'd also be pleased to hear from you. This work is continuing, and I greatly appreciate your interest.

I've also made exceptions to my usual rule of avoiding the latest nuclear nonsense. At a London conference in July I gave a presentation asking Whose History?: The Nuclear Kaleidoscope. In December at University College London I gave a seminar on 'The Politics of Electricity and Nuclear'.

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