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I'm delighted to announce that my new book, Electricity Vs Fire: The Fight For Our Future, is now published and available to order online. You can order the Kindle e-book edition from Amazon UK, Amazon US or any other Amazon site. You can order the PDF edition from Gumroad. My book will be delivered immediately to your e-reader, computer, tablet or smartphone.

One reason I wanted to self-publish, apart from speed, was to set a cover price low enough that anyone interested could afford the book. The e-book from Amazon is £3.00 in the UK and $4.40 in the US; the PDF from the US Gumroad site is $5.00. I am now completing arrangements to offer a print-on-demand edition for those of you who may prefer a traditional bound book. As soon as it is available I'll announce it here.

I still have to update other pages on this site, but I wanted to announce the publication of Electricity Vs Fire: The Fight For Our Future as soon as possible. Please forgive some slight incoherence here for the next day or so.

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