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I'm delighted to announce that my new book, Electricity Vs Fire: The Fight For Our Future, is now published and available to order online. You can order the Kindle e-book edition from Amazon UK, Amazon US or any other Amazon site. You can order the PDF edition from Gumroad. My book will be delivered immediately to your e-reader, computer, tablet or smartphone. You can now also order the paperback edition from Amazon sites around the world, for instance Amazon UK and Amazon US.

One reason I wanted to self-publish, apart from speed, was to set a cover price low enough that anyone interested could afford the book. The e-book from Amazon is £3.00 in the UK and $4.40 in the US. The PDF from the US Gumroad site is $5.00. The print-on-demand paperback edition, for those of you who prefer a traditional bound book (as I do), is £5.00 in the UK, $7.50 in the US and similar prices elsewhere, plus shipping.

If you enjoy the book do please let your friends know about it, and perhaps review it on Amazon. Indeed I'd also be pleased to hear from you. This work is continuing, and I greatly appreciate your interest.

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