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Electricity Vs Fire: The Fight For Our Future

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Why can't you breathe in Beijing or Delhi? Why are governments wrangling over the Arctic seabed? Why have we ever more extreme weather worldwide? The answer is fire. Fire in heaters, furnaces, engines and power stations is poisoning air in megacities everywhere. Feeding fire is why governments worry about fuel supplies. Fire produces the carbon dioxide upsetting planetary systems. Fire threatens our future.

We think of fire as welcoming. But fire is violent, extreme, rapidly turning resources into wastes, toxic and pernicious. Yet we still rely on fire, even when we need not, and despite the ever intensifying problems fire creates. To address pollution, security, and climate we need to minimize human use of fire.

Fire, however, has let us control electricity. Electricity, in turn, may save us from fire. Electricity Vs Fire is The Fight For Our Future.

Praise for Electricity Vs Fire.

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