Walt Patterson On Energy

Toward a worldview

Through the decades, to my surprise, I have found myself developing what I can only call a worldview. It emerges most clearly, perhaps, in the millennium essay I wrote for Chatham House, called Running The Planet. I explored its energy aspects in my Melchett Medal lecture Energy 21: Making The World Work.

I joined Chatham House as an associate fellow in 1991. My CH colleagues pointed out that 2016 was therefore my 25th anniversary at CH. On 19 September 2016 they organlzed a celebration for me, at which I gave a presentation I called ┬┤House of Stories┬┤. It surveys my time at CH, comments on my worldview and concludes with a foretaste of what I hope will be my next book.

You can share a worldview only through language. The traditional language of energy policy is comprehensively misleading. My Style Guide for energy policy attempts to rectify its shortcomings.

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