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Nuclear Power
The Fissile Society: Energy, Electricity and the Nuclear Option
The Plutonium Business and the Spread of the Bomb
Going Critical: An Unofficial History of British Nuclear Power
The Energy Alternative: Changing The Way The World Works
Transforming Electricity (Chinese)
Electricity Vs Fire: The Fight For Our Future (ebook)
Electricity Vs Fire: The Fight For Our Future (PDF)
Reframing Urban Energy Policy: Challenges and Opportunities in the City Seoul


The British Atom
Helping the public judge contentious issues involving science
Energy: Towards The All-Purpose Policy
The Technological Demands of Nuclear Power
In Search of the Peaceful Atom
Discussing Energy Policy: A Style Guide
Clean Coal
The commercialization of new technologies
Electricity: International Futures (Working Paper 1)
Electricity: Liberal Futures (Working Paper 2)
Electricity: Decentralized Futures (Working Paper 3)
Electricity: Network Futures (Working Paper 4)
Electricity: Business Futures (Working Paper 5)
Energy 21: Making The World Work
'Environmental' Involvement In British Civil Nuclear Policy
Running The Planet
Can Public Service Survive The Market?: Issues For Liberalized Electricity
Overview: The Electric Challenge
Generating Change
Networking Change
Transforming Our Energy Within A Generation
Managing Energy Wrong
Managing Energy Data
Managing Energy Technology
Super-Phenix: Ashes To Ashes?
Energy and Purpos
Fueling Geopolitics
Nuclear Power In Britain
Beyond The Fire Age
Nuclear Power at Daya Bay
Urban Challenge, Urban Opportunity
Non-tradeable resources and the global electricity transition
The Electric Power Struggle
Redefining Electric Resources
What Electric Business?
Living Cool: Taking The Heat Out Of What We Do


Odourless, Tasteless and Dangerous
US ponders possible runaway reactors
George Weil - from activator to activist
Nuclear power
A new monster in the lochs
Is fission worth it?
Windscale to be world capital for radioactive waste?
The Bellman cometh
Plutonium: our fearful option
Hiroshima Pilgrimage
Love me do
Fox with a nuclear bite
Exporting Armageddon
A Marshall plan, nuclear style
To bed betimes
In the hot bed of controversy
In need of a burst of energy
Japanese germ warfare tests...
A New Way To Burn
The island they blasted and damned
A beanfeast that bore fruit
Would you want to whistle at a Hiroshima swimsuit?
Brave Nuclear World
Ho-hum - another nuclear outrage
Sellafield should stop nuclear reprocessing
The cloud that could cast a shadow anywhere
Nuclear Power and its Opponents
Crashing about in the nuclear wilderness
The Slow Dawn of the Fast Reactor
Why rush to spread radioactivity?
Britain's Part in a Nuclear Falling Out
Coal comfort in fluidised beds
Grim legacy of meltdown
Eagerly confronting challenge
A bandwagon without the banned
How to make the coal flow cleaner
Now what
Are we throwing away the planet's future?
Anatomy of an accident
Full Circle
Decentralizing Networks
Nuclear amnesia
Loft Insulation As Foreign Policy
Fifty years of hopes and fears
Electric Opportunities
The Appliance of Science
Talk-in on nuclear power
Radioactive contamination
A dangerous business
Energy 1975
Raising the green, green flag of nuclear power
High Voltage Issues
HMG versus NPT
Policy-making in a nuclear program
New sources of energy...
Fuels, minerals and human survival
The age of power
The vanishing utility
Energy Company? What Energy Company?
Who’s afraid of natural gas?
Plea for nuclear dialogue goes unheeded
Decarbonizing Electricity
Electricity To The Rescue
Even Newer Power
Smart grid? We can do better
Pay your electricity bill and buy a bomb
A dramatic change in attitudes
The Man Who Shook the World
The options UK energy planners are ignoring
The disposable misconception
Why you should keep looking over your shoulder
Learning to live within our dwindling means
Is this the best use of energy and land?
A Fossil-Free Future? The Danes Just Do It
Radiating World-Wide Influence
Death Of The Peaceful Atom
Coming On At The Gasworks End
Going West
It's not just a story anymore
Nuclear Disaster In The Urals
Nuclear Paranoia
Nuclear Power Ponders A Secret Future
Osirak Raid
Up And Atom
Looking Back To Look Forward
Electricity Vs Fire - EER
Decentralizing China's Electricity?
We Need To Save Ourselves From Fire
The Burning Issue
The utility model - has it outlived its usefulness?
Are you ready for the microgrid revolution?
'Out of the ashes, a new world'.

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists articles

Future Energy Consumption of the Third World
A report on Sizewell
Breeder reactor politics in Europe
Chernobyl - the official story
Chernobyl - worst but not first
Japan's perilous plutonium flights
The nuclear civil war
Breeders interbreeding
Nuclear streetfighting
Solar versus Nuclear
Decision-making for Energy Futures
Energy In France
"Put It Somewhere Else!"
Renewable Energy
The Open University Tackles Control of Technology
Positive Thinking
Energy Conservation: "Not Doing Without but Doing More"
The Windscale Report: a nuclear apologia
From Austria: Austria's Nuclear Referendum
The Cult of the Atom
Harrisburg Ist Uberall
Future Imperfect
Thatcher's Failed Romance with Nuclear Power
Plutonium for Sale (May 1982 p55)
Don't Just Do Something-Stand There! February 1980 p7)
Gorleben Hearings (June 1979 p11)
Conservation Cornucopia (May 1979 p42)
Twenty-Five Years in a Quandary (October 1981 p56)


The Technological Demands of Nuclear Power
Environmental Impact In Perspective
From the proceedings of Challenges to Nuclear Waste Management
Environmental Troublemaking
Technological Revolution
Embedded Bioenergy - Issues and Prospects
Future electricity systems
Electricity in flux
Electricity - Full Circle?
Centrifugal Electricity
A Global View... Keeping The Lights On
The Electric Challenge: Getting The Story Right
Getting Energy Right
Sustainable Electricity: Cultural Barriers
The Emperor's Nuclear Clothes
Energy Policy is Infrastructure Policy
Down With Conservation!...
Upgrading Electricity
Start With Electricity
Energy Performance: Key To Transition
Energy Security and Regulation
What The Future Holds For Energy Users
Managing Energy Wrong: and What Regulators Can Do About It
Down With Fuel!
Changing The Way The World Works
A New Energy Story
An Electric Planet?
Energy Policy and Regulation: Future Challenges
Toward Real Energy Economics
Changing The Way The World Works
Nuclear Reactions
Electric Future
Making Electricity Sustainable
The Public - Information and Major Hazards
QUEST For Better
What Should Governments Do About Energy?
Beyond The Fire Economy
The Energy Alternative
Rethink Energy - Rethink Efficiency
Better Activity Systems
Electricity Vs Fire
Fire Risk 2015
Whose History?: The Nuclear Kaleidoscope
Electricity Vs Fire
Rethinking Energy: Implementing The Global Future Locally Today
The Politics of Electricity and Nuclear
House of Stories
Playing With Fire: Will Your Business Model Go Up In Flames?
The Geopolitics of Renewable Energy
The Geopolitics of Renewable Energy (Dublin)
Living Cool: A New Story


Down With Fuel! Pt1
Down With Fuel! Pt2
Down With Fuel! Pt3
Down With Fuel! Pt4
To download the 32Mb video 'Electric Future' right-click here
Making Electricity Sustainable
Beyond The Fire Economy


About Walt Patterson
Patterson Nuclear Collection
Nuclear power - Letters to the editor
Discussing Energy: A Style Guide
London Letter
A Decade Of Friendship
The disposable misconception
Why you should keep looking over your shoulder
Learning to live within our dwindling means
Is this the best use of energy and land?

Columns from Modern Power Systems

Lessons from a small island (November 1998)
Know your acronyms (December 1998)
From talking shop to major player (February 1999)
What do you mean, 'modern power systems'? (March 1999)
Turning fine words into deeds (May 1999)
Power for the people (August 1999)
Take out some insurance (November 1999)
Cogeneration heard and seen (March 2000)
I don't like renewables (May 2000)
Watch your climate language (December 2000)
Bush, climate and energy policy (June 2001)
Distributed energy runs the planet (August 2001)
How much does electricity cost? (November 2002)
Lovins, RMI and small, profitable electricity (March 2003)
Wanted: caution, purpose, flair (April 2004)
Snow White and the clean dwarf (November 2004)
Infrastructure needed, not fuel (April 2005)
Wind in power systems: bringing it to book (May 2005)
Renewables go north (August 2005)
From Edison to Enron (March 2006)
Listen to this guy Fawkes (August 2007)
A modern power system on your tabletop? (October 2007)
Luminaries in the desert limelight (May 2008)
Upgrading electricity (May 2009)
Electricity to the rescue (January 2011)
Smart grid? We can do better (February 2012)
We can have a secure energy future – but do we want it?
Advancing beyond the Fire Age (January 2014)
The utility model - has it outlived its usefulness?

Columns from Environment

The struggle between highways and railways (January/February 1973)
Airports, Concorde in trouble (April 1973)
A bit of undermining (July/August 1973)
Uneasy bedmates (March 1974)
The sun also rises (June 1975)
Redundant swords, plowshares needed (April 1976)
Respectable saboteurs (October 1976)
Surf's end (November 1976)
Setback for plutonium (March 1977)

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