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Nuclear power: Speeches

You can find two samples from 1977 here and here, one from 1982 here, and one from 1986 here. After 1990, however, I thought I'd escaped from the nuclear morass. In 2006 I found I was wrong, as nuclear hype burst out again. At Chatham House I retold the story of The Emperor's Nuclear Clothes. In May 2011, at a historical symposium in Oxford on 'Nuclear Power - Past, Present, Future?', I recounted 'Nuclear Reactions'.

I've also made other exceptions to my usual rule of avoiding the latest nuclear nonsense. At a London conference 15 July 2015 called 'Sowing The Whirlwind': Nuclear Politics and the Historical Record I gave a presentation asking Whose History?: The Nuclear Kaleidoscope. On 4 December 2015 at University College London I gave a seminar on 'The Politics of Electricity and Nuclear'.

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